As agents for various chain hoist manufacturers, CLS have developed their own range of hoist controllers to lift trusses. These hoist controllers, which CLS have been manufacturing for twenty years, can be adapted to run off a lighting console and dedicated computer controllers.

These controllers have proved to be efficient and a lot less complicated than overseas models.

Pictured to the right is a lighting grid that was installed into the Melbourne Museum's Australia section three years ago. The grid moves up and down, courtesy of CLS motor controllers, all day and every day - and has never missed a beat!

* Motor Controllers Tech Sheet (590kb PDF)
Standard Wiring Code For Multipin Connector (16kb PDF)

All 4 Way & 8 Way Motor Controllers manufactured by CLS prior to December 2006 have been fitted with 24v L.E.D indicators for upper and lower limit control voltage detection. These controllers are not suitable for hoists with higher control voltage supplies.

All controllers manufactured after December 2006 shall be suitable for both 24v and 48v ac control.

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