Join the Chorus, Melbourne

One thousand students from Victorian State Primary & Secondary schools gathered together at the Rod Laver Arena to produce a musical extravaganza entitled 'Join the Chorus'. CLS provided the lighting comprising of:

Generic lights: 16 x ETC Source 4 Profile Spots, 278 x Par 64 Cans, 16 x Par 64 Raylights, 48 x Par 64 Aircraft, 18 x 5K Fresnels
Moving lights: 12 x Martin MAC 2000 Profiles, 16 x Martin MAC 600 Wash, 8 x Martin MAC 600, 16 x Cyberlights, 18 x V*L 5
Control: 1 x Hog II Lighting Console, 5 x Jands HP Dimmer Racks, 7 x Distribution Boards
Misc: 54 x Chain Hoists, 8 x 4m Winch Up Stands, 13 x Mirror Balls, 3 x DF50 Diffusion Machines
Truss: 103 x Sections 8ft Alloy Box Truss (500mm C-C), 9 x Sections 4ft Alloy Box Truss (500mm C-C), 2 x Box Truss Hinges (500mm C-C), 4 x Alloy Box Truss Cubes (500mm C-C), 6 x 3m Alloy Tri Truss (300mm C-C), 16 x Alloy Box Truss (300mm C-C)

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