Mazda 3 Launch

CLS recently lit the Mazda 3 Launch in the Savoy Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. CLS lighting designer Tim Newman used:
Moving lights: 12 x Martin MAC2000, 12 x Martin MAC550, 16 x Martin MAC600, 4 x Griven Kaliedo and 3 x High End Cyberlights.
Generic lights: 48 x Source 4 Profiles, 3 x Lycian Followspots, 66 x Par 56 Cans, 7 x Molefay Duets, 4 x Mini Strips
Effects: 2 x Turbo Fans, 1 x Le Maitre G300, 2 x Turbo Fans
Control: 1 x Jands Hog Lighting Console
CLS Truss: 24 x 2.25m Alloy Tri Truss, 6 x 2.25m Alloy Box Truss, 2 x 5m Radius Tri Truss Circle, 1 x 3.5m Radius Tri Truss Circle, 2 x 2m Radius Tri Truss Circle

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