GAM Blackwrap

Blackwrap, flexible matte black aluminium, is form-holding and heat resistant. When wrapped around fixtures or hardware, it keeps its shape and position. On strike night, Blackwrap is easy to remove.

* Masks light leaks and conceals unsightly cabling
* Controls unwanted reflections from shiny surfaces
* Use BLACKWRAP outdoors for weather protection
* Ideal for making a snoot or barndoors to control light
.* 002 inch thick, coated matte black on two sides
* Available in three widths: 12" and 24"

GAM Blackwrap Tape

GAM has improved the BlackWrap™ Tape. The new adhesive is easier to remove and more forgiving in the clean-up. You will find this new and much improved version of the BlackWrap™ Tape easier to work with. When you save time, you save money. BlackWrap™ Tape comes in rolls that are 2 inches wide and 80 feet long.

ROSCO Cinefoil

Matte Black Cinefoil is a matte black aluminium material that virtually soaks up light. Ideal for masking light leaks and/or eliminating unwanted reflections. It can be quickly moulded to form barndoors, flags and other configurations. Lightweight, yet durable, Cinefoil can be quickly positioned in place with tape, staples or adhesives.