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Supergel #00: Clear
A durable, heat resistant polycarbonate film used in the preparation of colour scrollers to allow the passage from a colour to clear. (Transmission = 100%).



Supergel #01: Light Bastard Amber
Enhances fair skin tones. Suggests strong sunlight. (Transmission = 56%).



Supergel #02: Bastard Amber
Good where a tint of colour is needed. Excellent for natural skin tones. (Transmission = 78%).



Supergel #03: Dark Bastard Amber
Most saturated Bastard Amber. (Transmission = 62%).



Supergel #303: Warm Peach  
Heavier Amber-pink tint. Useful to create warm sunlight. (Transmission = 55%).



Supergel #04: Medium Bastard Amber
Especially useful when cross lit with a cool colour. Excellent for natural sunlight. (Transmission = 66%).



Supergel #304: Pale Apricot
(Transmission = 79%).



Supergel #05: Rose Tint
A clean pale pink; useful as a blush for skin tones. (Transmission = 80%).



Supergel #305: Rose Gold
(Transmission = 75%).



Supergel #06: No Colour Straw
Slightly off white. Good for interiors. (Transmission = 92%).



Supergel #07: Pale Yellow
Double saturation of 06. (Transmission = 96%).



Supergel #09: Pale Amber Gold
Deep straw. Good for late afternoon sunsets or firelight. (Transmission = 74%).



Supergel #10: Medium Yellow
Yellow with green. Good for special effects. Unflattering in acting areas. (Transmission = 92%).



Supergel #11: Light Straw
Pale yellow with slight red content. Useful for candle effects. Can be used for area lighting. For bright day feeling. (Transmission = 82%).



Supergel #312: Canary
(Transmission = 85%).



Supergel #13: Straw Tint
Much less green than in other straws. Suggests warm sunlight glow when contrasted with ambers and blues. (Transmission = 78%).



Supergel #313: Light Relief Yellow  
Vibrant Yellow. More red than 312. Less green than all other yellows. (Transmission = 77%).



Supergel #14: Medium Straw
Pale amber-higher red content than 12. Sunlight, accents, area lighting with caution to skin tones. (Transmission = 68%).



Supergel #15: Deep Straw




Supergel #317: Apricot
(Transmission = 51%).



Supergel #318: Mayan Sun
(Transmission = 52%).



Supergel #19: Fire
Strong red amber. Excellent for fire effects. (Transmission = 20%).



Supergel #20: Medium Amber
Afternoon sunlight. Lamplight and candlelight. Tends to depress colour pigment values. (Transmission = 54%).



Supergel #21: Golden Amber
Useful for amber cyc light and late sunsets. (Transmission = 43%).



Supergel #22: Deep Amber
Very useful as a backlight. Dramatic specials and firelight. (Transmission = 26%).



Supergel #23: Orange
Provides a romantic sunlight through windows for evening effects. (Transmission = 32%).



Supergel #24: Scarlet
Very deep amber. Red with a touch of blue. (Transmission = 22%).



Supergel #324: Gypsy Red NEW! 2005
Vibrant orange-red. Helps red and orange scenery pop. (Transmission = 31%).



Supergel #25: Orange Red
Good for firelight or special effects. Use when red with higher yellow content is needed. (Transmission = 14%).



Supergel #26: Light Red
Vibrant red. Good alternative primary. (Transmission = 12%).



Supergel #27: Medium Red
Good red primary for use with three-color light primary systems in cyclorama lighting, footlights, and border lights. (Transmission = 4%).



Supergel #30: Light Salmon Pink
Excellent for general area washes. Gives overall warming effect to skin tones. (Transmission = 44%).



Supergel #31: Salmon Pink
General wash. Good for follow spots. (Transmission = 46%).



Supergel #331: Shell Pink
Warmer and lighter than 31. Good for fair skin tones and to emphasize romance. (Transmission = 68%).



Supergel #32: Medium Salmon Pink
Deepest of the salmon pinks. (Transmission = 28%).



Supergel #332: Cherry Rose
A tropical pink that is good for musicals or concert lighting. A good backlight colour. Interesting accent colour. Good for a splash of sunset colour. (Transmission = 38%).



Supergel #33: No Colour Pink
A pale almost colourless pink. (Transmission = 65%).



Supergel #35: Light Pink
Similar to 33, but slightly deeper. (Transmission = 66%).



Supergel #36: Medium Pink
Good for general washes and cross lighting. (Transmission = 46%).



Supergel #336: Billington Pink
(Transmission = 48%).



Supergel #337: True Pink
A cool pink excellent for washes and general illumination. A good follow spot colour. A component of early morning sunrise. (Transmission = 55%).



Supergel #38: Light Rose
Similar uses as 37, but with greater saturation. (Transmission = 49%).



Supergel #39: Skelton Exotic Sangria
A sultry, deep purple. Good for musicals or concert lighting. Excellent special effects colour. (Transmission = 10%).



Supergel #339: Broadway Pink
A deep, saturated pink created for musicals and specials. Excellent for down and backlighting. (Transmission = 15%).



Supergel #40: Light Salmon
Similar uses to 23 but a bluer colour. (Transmission = 34%).



Supergel #342: Rose Pink
Extremely intense, hot pink. Produces strong washes of colour for concert and dance. Combined with a complimentary colour like turquoise, will create a dynamic, sculptured effect. (Transmission = 16%).



Supergel #43: Deep Pink
Rich, hot pink. Electric in effect with rich saturation. (Transmission = 28%).



Supergel #343: Neon Pink
A bright, dark pink excellent for musicals or rock and roll concert lighting. A good colour for creating fake neon effects with fluorescent tubes. (Transmission = 33%).



Supergel #344: Follies Pink
A vibrant, almost fluorescent pink with a cool component. Traditionally important as a special effects colour in the Broadway musical. Follow spot and dance applications as a modelling colour. (Transmission = 21%).



Supergel #45: Rose
Use on scenery and background effects. Adds tone and modelling to scenery. (Transmission = 8%).



Supergel #46: Magenta
Similar uses as 45 where more saturation is needed. (Transmission = 6%).



Supergel #346: Tropical Magenta
(Transmission = 22%).

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