What other effect has survived the test of time as well as the fabulous mirror ball? Still as popular as ever, today's mirror balls are used in all the usual applications such as dance halls, nightclubs and tours.

The advent of moving lights has given longer life to the mirror ball and today we offer many sizes as well as cylinders. Our range of professional mirror ball motors are built to withstand the strain of constant work and are made of plastic inner balls with glass mirrors. Our heavy duty motors and balls feature extra safety devices such as safety wire couplings. Remember to use the appropriate recommended motor for each size ball and always take extra care when installing mirror balls above people's heads!

Available in:
8” Mirror Ball Chrome (203mm)
12” Mirror Ball Chrome (305mm)
16” Mirror Ball Chrome (406mm)
20” Mirror Ball Chrome (508mm)
24” Mirror Ball Chrome (610mm)
30” Mirror Ball Chrome (750mm)